A woman…

…..Needs to be touched.

She needs to feel your hands caressing her body as if you are the potter and she is the clay.

She needs to inhale your scent while you touch her in the most passionate way.

A woman needs to be touched to understand that she is loved.

No, she doesn’t need you to throw her around like a rag doll or a one night stand that you thrash in the back seat of your car.

She needs to be touched in a way that takes the breath from her body.

She needs to be kissed with a tenderness that turns her body into rubber.

She needs to be gripped with a strength that makes her willingly submit to any position, any direction you demand.

A woman needs to be touched in the name of love.

A woman needs you to use your mouth to please her in ways that will have her questioning if the pleasure is even real.

A woman needs to be sucked, nibbled and licked in a way that has her screaming inaudible words, that only you can decode as “Baby, please don’t stop”, Yes, right there” “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

A woman needs to be touched to understand love.

She does not always need the material things; money, clothes, jewelry…none of that.

Instead, she expects you to lead her to the bed, couch, floor, table…wherever…and access the secret places that only you have permission to occupy.

A woman needs to be at the mercy of your caress to know she is loved.

She needs you to spread her legs to reveal the sweet essence of her being.

She needs to be devoured as if she is your first meal in decades.

And at the same time, she needs to be savored like she is the most exquisite cuisine you have ever come across.

A real woman needs to be touched to believe in love.

She does not need to hear your words every day telling her you love her.

Be silent and use your thoughts to power your fingertips…use your emotion to power your tongue…use your desire to power your lips…..to please her.

Make the heat rise up her neck as you trail her hot spots.

Make her feel safe and wanted under the weight of your body.

Make her need a glass of water when you’re done because all moisture has been removed from her mouth by excessive, nonstop, uncontrollable gasps and moans.

Please her until she can feel the wetness leaking down her thighs and hear the sweet sounds of your bodies making that impenetrable connection.

Women need to be touched to appreciate the depths of love.

A woman, a real woman, sometimes, often times, more often than not, needs to be touched to know she is loved…

I am a woman…A real woman.

Touch me to show me your love.


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