Begins at the End: So Much More than an EP

Begins at the end

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

This quote, used by many and most closely associated with poet Henry Longfellow, truly captures the essence of the EP Begins at the End; pictured above.

I was first introduced to the amazing talent of Christen B. when I attended my first Be Free Friday(s) (an open mic event hosted in Baltimore, Maryland). With her eclectic style, she walked up to the mic, sat in the chair & lifted her unique green guitar into position. I’ve been a fan of acoustic guitar all my life, but something about the gentle way she strummed the strings captivated me. When she parted her lips, releasing the first note, her voice rendered the entire room silent.

Now, there were plenty of others who had been graced by her melodious voice prior to that evening but they all reacted as if it was the very first time they had ever heard her sing. She sang a song titled “Thinking of You“. It’s a beautiful ballad about losing sleep over someone she loves. Now, it’s not the average “up until the sun comes up stressing about you” song. NO. This is an expression of pure love & how the reality of what she shares with her “love” is keeping her mind so occupied that she can’t even close her eyes to rest. The chorus simply says “I can’t sleep, no I can’t sleep, thinking ’bout you.” It’s a simple proclamation that all of us can relate to.

The Begins at the End EP is a total of 7 tracks, each with it’s own down to earth, special feel; leaving you with a new positive outlook on the good and bad that we experience in love and life. She gets a little up tempo going on “Be the One” (My personal favorite) and she even hits us with a sexy, seductive track at the end. Everything, from the production to the arrangement of the tracks to her flawless delivery of the message behind each song, takes the listener down a road of emotion that ultimately leaves them rejuvenated.

This EP gives hope for those who have stopped believing in love. Even in the way Christen B addresses the pain that she’s been through, the listener can’t help but smile at the reality that “Even stars they have to twinkle, every day your sun will set, but [your] smile will come around again”, as relayed on track #6 “Around Again“.

I could go on and on about each track on the EP, seeing as to how it’s the only thing I’ve been listening to for a week straight (literally!) but it would be much more rewarding for everyone involved if you’d go check it out for yourself.
Whatever your emotion of the day may be, and I know there are many, Begins at the End has something to help you make it through with a smile on your face when all is said and done. I’m eagerly anticipating more from her & I know you will be right with me after you hear just one note from this woman’s voice that’s as warm & inviting as hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day.








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