Life Begins Again

Most of my life has been shadowed by bad experiences, poor decisions, lack of inspiration, heartbreak and loss. At times, it seemed that my gains would never be able to compensate for my losses. I felt like I would always feel empty in most if not all ways possible. I’m good at persuading others that life has better in store for them, but I’ve never been a pro at getting myself to believe that my “better” was coming.

That was until now. My better has come. My better has knocked down the door and just keeps pouring more and more into me. It’s crazy exciting because I’ve never had so many good things happen to me at once. I mean, of course there have been times where more than one good thing has happened, but even in those moments it seemed like for every good thing, I was given 3 bad things. You know “take one step forward, get knocked back two”? That was me. Now, it seems like practically every moment in life is good. Every second that I am alive, life gets better.

The most amazing part about it is that I’m still so appreciative of the small things. I’m so grateful for the minor things because detail is what makes the bigger picture so beautiful. The small things are a major necessity when trying to move ahead. Everyone I’ve been talking to about the changes in my life say it seems like everything happened overnight. It almost did. I found myself making small, calculated moves that have determined what my life is today.

I determined that changing my attitude was the first step to attracting the things I desire for my life. I latched on to an “It will all work out” attitude and here I am: happy. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. As cliche as that is, it’s so very true. I almost missed out on the greatest things in my life by being stuck on the bad. It would’ve have been my greatest regret. I’m glad I don’t have to add that to my list. You shouldn’t either. Get up, dust yourself off, plaster a smile on your face and watch things turn around for the better.



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