Beggin’ for Change

Everyone has had a job that simply paid the bills. It offered negative levels of satisfaction, often draining our minds of the little bits of joy we received from other places/things. I know people who work their fingers to the bone (literally) just to get home at the end of the day and think “What purpose did my today have?”. If I am very honest, this is me every single day. I work in a form of customer service and it is strenuous to say the least. I work myself half to death, picking up my responsibilities as well as those that others left behind. I get little to no recognition for what I do, just a “thanks” now and then. The thing about it all is not that I’m not rich, it’s not that I’m hardly ever thanked, not even that I work harder than 90% of my coworkers; it’s that I genuinely feel that what I do doesn’t make a difference in anyone’s life, including my own.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I often ask myself “How did my life help someone else today?” I do it all the time. Sometimes, I come up with bomb answers, other days I’m like “What did I even do today?” Most of those moments are followed by a shift at work. That sucks right? I didn’t save any babies, I didn’t help an old lady cross the street, I didn’t land a plane safely at its destination, I didn’t share an encouraging word, hell, I didn’t even RECEIVE an encouraging word. That daily realization sucks.

So why am I writing this, other than to gripe about my sucky job? I’m glad you asked! I am writing this because I’m constantly working my butt off, just to have my little tin can jingling with a few coins in it, on top of not making my life or another’s life any better. And I am tired. T.I.R.E.D. I’m writing this because I’ve reached a breaking point and I need to do something new.  I’ve decided that my purpose is more than counting change out from a register,  more than answering redundant questions from really intelligent people *insert sarcasm here*, more than dealing with assumptions that I am less than because I don’t sit behind a desk from 9-5 every day. I have very recently decided that my purpose is to change someone else’s life. It starts with my writing but it can’t stop there. I have moves to make so I can have the life I’ve dreamed of. I have things to accomplish so my life can be an encouragement for someone else’s.

In the words of Bruno Mars: “Don’t believe me, just watch!”



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