I have come to know sacrifice all too well in my life. In my experience, it is usually forced and almost always leaves me feeling empty. This time, I’ve learned a new definition of sacrifice and it has put a lot of things into perspective for me. After a discussion with my partner, I decided to not go forward with something that I thought I really wanted. I pleaded my case and she pleaded hers. She agreed with my decision verbally but I could tell she didn’t really mean what she was saying. She was agreeing with my decision because she wanted me to be happy. This was the moment that I realized she would be making an unnecessary sacrifice.

She was going to sacrifice her comfort to allow me the satisfaction of an addition that I really didn’t need. How unfair is that??

This thing that I wanted was not going to make or break me. This thing was something I’ve basically been living without for a few years now. It hasn’t caused me any pain/suffering and I haven’t felt an absence of happiness without it. So why was it so important to have it? I honestly don’t know. But after talking it through with her and thinking about it on my own, I’ve come to learn that when sacrificing one thing, you can often gain another. And many times, the resulted gain is better than what you wanted in the first place. In this case, sacrificing one of my desires will gift me the feeling of knowing that the woman I love will be happy and comfortable. When she is happy and comfortable, so am I. I wouldn’t expect anything less of her if the shoe was on the other foot and because of that, I will be just fine without it. Sacrifice is not always negative. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice one thing to make room for something better. Her happiness is better than any one thing I could ask for. ❤


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