It was so easy to call your name when I was frolicking through fields of flowers with sunlight radiating from within me.

It was an effortless declaration of all that was good and all that was beautiful, when my chest was bursting to capacity with unexplainable love.

Even in my darkest days, you made me feel beautiful and lovely. It was easy to claim you, even when tears of a heart in healing rolled down my cheeks.

It was simple. A pleasure. An unmistakable joy that couldn’t be permeated by anything or anyone.

What happened, love? to make me hide my face from your warmth, choosing instead, to shiver and chatter alone in the cold.

What step did I take that led me from the path that was meant to keep me safe from any more sleepless nights?

What, love, did I do-say-think-feel-to lead me to another moment of uncertainty, withdrawing my heart from the grasp that was meant to save me?

How, then, do I allow those same hands to reclaim my heart, to lift me up and place me back where I belong?

Love…I am listening, straining my ears, to hear the answers to the pleas of my heart.


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